Luftronix was founded in 2016 to commercialize industrial inspections via fully autonomous high-precision drones. Luftronix drones are autonomously executing flight plans ("scan plans") both indoors and outdoors with unmatched precision and resilience. By drastically reducing the need to create access for humans, Luftronix inspection technology is able to save at least half the time and cost of an inspection while at the same time increasing workplace safety for engineers working in maintenance, repair and overhaul.

Senior Executive Team

Klaus Sonnenleiter, CEO / Founder
Mr. Sonnenleiter has a few decades of experience in network management software, image processing and technology startups.
He is based in New Jersey and has worked at large and small companies including IBM, Burda Media and Xceedium (now part of Broadcom). Mr. Sonnenleiter also serves as the CTO and advisory board member at ELEKS, a shareholder in Luftronix.
Roman Pavlyuk, CTO / Founder
Mr. Pavlyuk is an expert in 3D motion control, Image processing and technology consulting. He has worked on high-profile projects in entertainment, insurance and finance.
He is based in Lviv, Ukraine and has spent most of his career at a leading technology services company, ELEKS
Christina Lutchyn, VP of Global Sales
Ms Lutchyn has joined Luftronix from our parent company ELEKS where she was in charge of business development for North America. Prior to her work at ELEKS, she has worked in Sales for MiaTech, a technology provider for the retail and post-harvest industries.
Taras Shpot, VP of Engineering
Mr. Shpot has extensive experience in 3D motion control, image processing and massive compute clusters and has helped automate stage performances for some of the most well-known international entertainment acts.
He is based in Lviv, Ukraine and has previously worked for a leading technology services company, ELEKS.
Volodymyr Kozak, Chief Scientist
Mr. Kozak is the primary expert on navigation systems with extensive previous experience in applied mathematics.
He is based in Lviv, Ukraine and has previously worked as an R&D engineer at ELEKS.
Guennady Tkachenko, VP of Manufacturing
Mr. Tkachenko is an aerospace, UAS and industrial manufacturing expert who is looking back on a long career in lighting systems, drones and manufacturing.
He is based in Kyiv, Ukraine and has previously worked at Kray, OBO Bettermann and Schneider Electric.
Anastasiia Syniepolska, VP of Product
Ms. Syniepolska is responsible for Luftronix's value proposition, product and service portfolio and their application within various industry segments. For more than a decade, she has been working on complex digital product design, implementation and launch with a focus on industry and customer needs. Her areas of specialization have been precision agriculture and manufacturing - working with digital twins, data streaming, device telemetry, agronomy applications and fleet lifecycle modelling for agriculture and construction equipment and service providers.
Ms. Syniepolska is based in Lviv, Ukraine.
Oleksandr Grachov, Director of Regulatory Affairs
Mr. Grachov has many years of experience as an active drone pilot and as a trainer and teacher for aspiring pilots. He is responsible for maintaining relationships with regulatory agencies.
Mr. Grachov is based in Lviv, Ukraine.

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